omnisdev-en Digest, Vol 80, Issue 13

Bryan Brodie brb at
Sun Dec 14 12:58:41 EST 2014

Yosemite. If you use both video ports on a 2012 Mac mini server with very large screen monitors, then install more than 8gb ram, you'll also be blessed with random video driver crashes. 

From: George Ziemann <gzieman54 at>
> Subject: Object Artifacts

> Just a general question...
> I'm using a Mac with Yosemite and Omnis Studio 6.0.3. When I drag objects
> (fields, buttons, etc.) to move them in a layout, I get annoying artifacts
> (ghost borders) on the screen of the moved object that are still there when
> I switch windows (or even switch to another application). These artifacts
> don't disappear until I quit Omnis. It can be avoiding by using the arrow
> keys to move objects, but that's really a slow process when first designing
> a window.
> Is this a bug in Studio 6.0.3, or maybe something that Yosemite introduced?
> -- 
> George Ziemann
> (480) 278-9746

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