Daniel Sananes danielsananes at
Fri Dec 12 13:06:29 EST 2014

Hi again,


Wonder if someone can explain why these two present the same result. I just
copied these from codes in an omnis7-application.

I do not understand how the longer totc()-expression understands itself.

Calculate Amount as

Calculate Amount as tot(InvAmount)

Does the (InvType='F'&(InvAmount>=0&InvTotal>=0))-expression really selects
the correct lines. Obviously it does. But how?

And how does InvAmount multiplied by the expression work. I don't understand
the logic.


The second calculation is from a list which was merged with
InvType='F'&InvAmount>=0&InvTotal>=0 for testing the correctness of it all.


Hope someone has the good heart to lecture me!






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