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Thu Dec 11 11:32:49 EST 2014

Hi George

Try putting it in quotes: i.e:

> Set reference rField to $cinst.$objs.$findname(‘JobCust')

If that fails then make sure that the location of this code is the window that contains the field (i.e. $cinst=containing window) 

if you still can’t set a reference to your entry field then perhaps your filed is contained inside some other object? i.e. a tab pane or a group box… the notation must be exact - if $cinst is your window and the field is in a tab pane called MyTabPane then you would use the following to get a reference

> Set reference rField to $cinst.$objs.MyTabPane.$objs.$findname(‘JobCust’)

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> On 11 Dec 2014, at 16:22, George Ziemann <gzieman54 at> wrote:
>>> Set reference rField to $cinst.$objs.$findname(fJob.JobCust)
>> In this bit, just use JobCust if that is the field name, drop the 'fJob.'
>>> Set reference rField to $cinst.$objs.$findname(JobCust)
>> Mike Matthews,
> Tried that. Omnis automatically converts JobCust to fJob.JobCust.
> I even tried changing the field name to Customer (which doesn't match any
> of the data names). This results in an error message which says
> "Unrecognized variable name, item name or attribute."
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