Data Entry field control

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Thu Dec 11 07:40:24 EST 2014

We use this as well

but also - if you calculate a local item ref first that can help debug - if you can’t set a ref to the field then something else is wrong

Set reference lvRef to $cinst.$objs.$findname(pFieldName)
Do $ctarget.$assign(lvRef)

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> On 11 Dec 2014, at 12:36, Michael Rowan <michael.rowan3 at> wrote:
> You could ry:
> Do $ctarget.$assign(FIELDNAME)
> or  Do $ctarget.$assign(FIELDREF) ; where FIELDREF is an item ref to the
> wanted field.
> in your insert method.
> (not tested, from memory)
> Mike
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 9:17 PM, GZiemann <gzieman54 at> wrote:
>> I’m getting re-acquainted with Omnis after being away for several years
>> and have forgotten how to do a basic task.
>> How do you control the active field when creating a new record? My usual
>> Insert method is:
>> (do some prep work, like setting main file, set read/write files, etc)
>> Clear main file
>> Redraw
>> Enter data
>> If flag true
>>        Prepare for insert with current values
>>        Update files
>> End if
>> If I was entering data in a record before I start my Insert method, the
>> active field is always whatever field I was last in before I started the
>> Insert method.
>> I know the secret is in Queue set current field, but wherever I put it, it
>> doesn’t seem to work.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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