Citrix, AWS, and Omnis 6

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hi Mark:

we've got people using citrix nicely (we didn't set it up -- large city institutions) ...   and I really only have one comment...

I don't know if you use the 'firstrunintall' folder for deployment -- but I'd consider it.   that will copy your library and startup into each users  /users/[username]/appdata/tigerlogic foler

we've found that to be quite useful because it creates a read/write folder away from program files on each user's personal workspace.

-- there is one copy of your app on the server in 'program files/yourapp'
-- you put the serial.txt and appropriate files (inlcuding .lbrs) into 'firstruninstall'

and then none of the users will interfere with each other.   its made a huge difference for us supporting multiple users on single machines (which is what terminal server and citrix really is) -- while playing nice with win 2008 server and up.

only downside, the deployment of a new library means you need to get it into each users personal 'tigerlogic' folder...   or delete that folder from each users appdata directory when donig an update.

the appdata directory is sys(115) 

just my thoughts. 

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> On Dec 2, 2014, at 12:40 PM, Mark Phillips <mark.phillips at> wrote:
> We have been asked to assist in a 20 seat deployment of an Omnis 6.0 app to a managed environment using Citrix on AWS. Backend is MS SQL Server for legacy reasons.
> It has been ten years since I considered this deployment configuration. I would be most grateful for any advice you all can offer.
> - Mark Phillips
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