Armageddon - The End of Omnis (probably not)

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Tue Dec 2 11:00:25 EST 2014

   Have not (yet, anyway) run into any problems running O$v6.0.2 on Citrix w   ith a fairly large user community (over 1200 distinct users). Our installat   ion uses a multi-user Omnis RT license. We do not have user-specific instal   lations in the Citrix environment.

   brian o'sullivan; bear, DE

   >    On    Dec    1,   2014,   at   11:41   =   PM,   Stephen   Miller
   <[1]stephenmiller1958 at> wrot= e:
   > Hi Guys
   > Just had a chance to r= ead this. Someone should make sure that the Mac
   >  Address  serial ID= of the network card is checked on machines with
   > network= cards.
   > I think testing on a big Citrix implementation= should be checked as well.
   > Regards
   &g= t;
   > Stephen
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