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Did you try to set  the $selected Property of the field ?

This is a runtime property that works for intatiated windows and FOREGROUND $objs only. 

If set to true you can move and resize this object. 

To check quickly whether it's useful for you:
1. Open (run) your window with the desired field 
2. Open Notation inspector F4
3. Select the search button 
4. Click on your field => the property manager appears
5. Change the $selected Attribut to true, the field should be selected
6. Now you can resize or drag the field
7. New values could be saved to class ;-)

Regards, udo.

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I am using  'evMouseDown' and ' evMouseUp' to draw objects (such as kOval) on the screen.  I am using these events to calculate the start and end point of the object.

I would like to be able to display the object as the user drags the mouse so that the user can see exactly what is going to be displayed when they leave go of the button.

I don't know if there is an event available to allow me to do this.  Has anybody done anything similar?


Dave Jobling.


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