Mouse events in studio 4.3

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at
Tue Dec 2 09:55:27 EST 2014

Hi Dave,

Yes, we do that.  Below is some code that does what you're asking.  Based on
holding the mouse down and moving it from a start point.  The redraws are
important to keep the screen refreshing and not leaving "trails" all over
the place.


On evMouseDown
;  Move crop box
Begin reversible block
Calculate $root.$modes.$fixedcursor as kTrue
Calculate $root.$modes.$ccursor as kcursDragObject
End reversible block
Do method HideGrabbers

Calculate lvTopStart as lvHotPictRef.$top
Calculate lvLeftStart as lvHotPictRef.$left
Calculate lvTopMove as mouseover(kMVert)
Calculate lvLeftMove as mouseover(kMHorz)

While mousedn()
Calculate lvTmpTop as lvTopStart+mouseover(kMVert)-lvTopMove
Calculate lvTmpLeft as lvLeftStart+mouseover(kMHorz)-lvLeftMove

If lvTop<>lvTmpTop|lvLeft<>lvTmpLeft
Calculate lvTop as lvTmpTop
Calculate lvLeft as lvTmpLeft
Calculate lvHotPictRef.$top as lvTopStart+(mouseover(kMVert)-lvTopMove)
Calculate lvHotPictRef.$left as lvLeftStart+(mouseover(kMHorz)-lvLeftMove)
Do lvPictRef.$redraw(kFalse,kTrue)
Do lvHotPictRef.$redraw(kTrue,kTrue)
End If
End While
Do method MoveGrabBars

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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I am using  'evMouseDown' and ' evMouseUp' to draw objects (such as kOval)
on the screen.  I am using these events to calculate the start and end point
of the object.

I would like to be able to display the object as the user drags the mouse so
that the user can see exactly what is going to be displayed when they leave
go of the button.

I don't know if there is an event available to allow me to do this.  Has
anybody done anything similar?


Dave Jobling.


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