Turn Omnis system read only?

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I think you will have to do this with your own procedure.
In my application I cannot set the database to 'read only' as when starting Omnis a message is displayed 'No access to database'.
You would also need to stop them from adding new records and deleting existing records.

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I think you have it about right by using that 1 method to perform updates.  But 
there us a $pref for cdrom access, not sure if it is only for Studio, and not 
really sure what it does, but it sounds like it could work.


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On 29 Aug 2014, at 11:00, Geir Fjærli <omnis at sunshinedata.com> wrote:

> This is good old Omnis 7 (classic) on Windows, using native datafiles.
> A client has a customer that want to stop paying maintenance on their app, to 
go to another system. They do however want the old system available for 
reference. But as they are no longer paying, they should be restricted from 
actively using the system.
> So the question is: Is there anything that can be done (without changing code) 
to stop them from updating the data file? I guess anything you set can be unset 
if you have admin privileges.
> Now I may be able to stop them in a centrally called procedure, luckily one is 
called for most edits and inserts. Then I need to stop some other activities 
> Anyone done something like this on a native Omnis app?
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