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my suggestion would be for every window and subwindow have a new property stored in an instance variable, something like relativePosition.  Any window that has a subwindow calls a method $setRelativePosition in the subwindow (recursively) whenever the position of the highest level window changes position.  Then every object within a (sub)window can determine its screen position relative the objects position within the sub(window) and its relativePosition.

Does this description make sense?

On Thu28 Aug 2014, at 23:26, Bastiaan Olij <bastiaan at basenlily.me> wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> I do so in many situations as well where I hide/show either an
> overlapping subwindow or field at the location needed but because its
> inside the window it is constrained by the size of the window, and there
> are often ugly redraw issues involved once subwindows start overlapping
> each other.
> This is the implementation I'm trying to replace by opening up a popup
> window in the correct location but that requires knowing screen coordinates.
> Cheers,
> Bas
> On 28/08/14 9:52 PM, Andy Hilton wrote:
>> Bas
>> For what it’s worth - what we do in StudioWorks is to have the subwindow that you want to open as a subwindow within your container window to start with - so at that point you are simply making it visible or invisible and the coordinates are then simply related to the location within the container itself - and as you mentioned the field coordinates give you that now……
>> Works well that way !
>> Andy
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