Omnis Weblib for Studio 5 -- Work in Progress

David McKeone david at
Thu Aug 28 10:52:06 EDT 2014

Hi again,

Thanks to some great help from Bob Mitchell at Mitford House the keyboard focus issue has now been resolved in the Mac component, and I think the last major hurdle for simple usage has been overcome (maybe complex too, I just haven’t looked).  The TL engineering and support teams have spent quite a bit of time over the last 2 weeks dealing with my pestering assisting me with this component, and although I won’t be able to attend Euromnis this year, I do hope that you can all extend my thanks to them in my stead.

The new development build is here (instructions in previous emails):

I’m unable to work on the component for a few days, but I’ll be unifying this code with the Windows code next week, and we’ll have an open source ‘beta’ component shortly after that on github.

This is exciting stuff!

I also want to once again thank Stefan Csomor, Bastiaan Olij, and Kelly Burgess for their assistance all the way through the process.  It has truly been a team effort.

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