Load page setup (Highjacked EurOmnis 2014)

Michael Monschau michael at brainydata.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 04:36:39 EDT 2014

Hi Mike,

The Save class command expects just a class name, not notation, as far as I am aware.
You may also have to qualify the class name with the library name if you are calling Save class from another library, i..e
Save class dummylib.[iDummyName]


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On 26 Aug 2014, at 15:00, Michael Rowan wrote:

> Sorry, I am still lost in the woods on this.
>> From my main library I want to modify and then permanently save a report
> class $pagesetupdata in another library dummylib.
> Set report name $libs.dummylib.$reports.[iDummyName]
> Load page setup
> Prompt for page setup
> If flag true
>    Do
> $libs.dummylib.$reports.[iDummyName].$pagesetupdata.$assign($root.$prefs.$pagesetupdata)
>      Returns %R
>    If not(%R)
>        Breakpoint
>    End If
> End If
> ;;At this point any changes to the page setup are visible in the
> properties/pagesetup data and get used in printing.  Very nice.
> ;;Now, here the remaining problem.  Saving the changes.
> Yes/No message  (Sound bell) {SAVE the page setup changes?}
> If ktrue
>     Save class {$root.$libs.dummylib.$classes.[iDummyName]}
>     OK message [#F]  ;; says True, but its not|
> End If
> If I now CLOSE the library dummylib and reopen it, the page setup for the
> report class is back to its original settings.
> The library dummylib is set to $ignoreexternal=kTrue, and the dummy report
> classes are set to $external=kTrue
> Mystified.
> Mike

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