Consulting request - looking for export from ancient Mac .DD1 file to something readable by modern tools

Jean Marc Azerad at
Wed Aug 27 04:19:34 EDT 2014

As far as I remember the DDn was the normal extension for an Omnis 3 Datafile, nothing to do with Disk Doubler


Le 27 août 2014 à 02:03, Michael Houlberg <michael at> a écrit :

> Nick,
> But if .DD1 isn’t a typo to mean .DF1, I wonder if this data is stored in the ancient Disk Doubler format?  That could throw another monkey wrench at you.  I used to use Disk Doubler way long ago to cram more stuff onto limited hard drive space but later was out of luck with several archived files when I could not longer locate a version of Disk Doubler that would work.
> Michael Houlberg
> Houlberg Development, LLC

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