Consulting request - looking for export from ancient Mac .DD1 file to something readable by modern tools

Nigel Hughes nigel at
Wed Aug 27 02:15:49 EDT 2014


I have access to Macs running system 9 that would run disk doubler, I used to use it as well, and early Omnis versions, the earliest I’ve now got is Omnis 7.1, although I did start with Omnis back in the 80’s I no longer have the applications

From memory I believe that there was a converter in that package as well for earlier libraries.

Happy to have a go if you send files



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mobile: 07740528504

On 26 Aug 2014, at 22:46, Nick Stenz <nstenz at> wrote:

> We have a client with an old, old Mac running Omnis 3 for a customer
> database that has decided to switch to our software. Unfortunately, we
> don't have any tools that can read Omnis data- especially not anything that
> old.
> Instead of re-typing the bare minimum of data by hand, we're looking for
> somebody who can open the database and export it to something we can work
> with (Access DB, Excel spreadsheets, XML, DBF, any other Windows ODBC
> driver, etc.)
> If that person is you, please contact me via e-mail as soon as possible.
> Whether we automate it or type everything manually, it needs to happen this
> week.
> Thanks!
> nstenz at
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