Consulting request - looking for export from ancient Mac .DD1 file to something readable by modern tools

Nick Stenz nstenz at
Tue Aug 26 17:46:15 EDT 2014

We have a client with an old, old Mac running Omnis 3 for a customer
database that has decided to switch to our software. Unfortunately, we
don't have any tools that can read Omnis data- especially not anything that

Instead of re-typing the bare minimum of data by hand, we're looking for
somebody who can open the database and export it to something we can work
with (Access DB, Excel spreadsheets, XML, DBF, any other Windows ODBC
driver, etc.)

If that person is you, please contact me via e-mail as soon as possible.
Whether we automate it or type everything manually, it needs to happen this


nstenz at

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