NO: Programmer Humour (Spanish translation)

Kim Sumner tech at
Tue Aug 26 00:07:23 EDT 2014

Not wanting to wear everyone out on this somewhat doomed thread ;^(

How do Spanish people manage to purchase eggs?
With such ambiguity I'd imagine the average Spanish delicatessen would
occasionally resemble something like a Three Stooges movie - lot's of
offended deli staff followed by huge egg fight.

(Boy has this one gone pear-shaped...)

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> Spanish people (Spain) use kitchen ingredients to speak about things
> they are too indoctrinated to speak of
> 'Si tienen huevos' should be translated as 'If you have the balls'
> It's like 'Ese tipo tiene un /chorizo/ bastante grande', it's not about
> a saucage here
> With love and no offense
> bub
> On 25/08/2014 5:33, Kim Sumner wrote:
>> Using that interpretation it isn't even humorous (or makes any sense).
>> La esposa de un programador le dice:
>> ³Vaya por favor al almacén y coja una barra de pan. Si tienen huevos,
>> consiga docena.²
>> How "brave" do you need to be to buy bread in Espanola???
>> (Ah language - without these peculiar colloquialisms we might actually
>> understand each othe - and what'd be the fun in THAT?)
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