NO: Programmer Humour (Spanish translation)

bub buppeke at
Mon Aug 25 23:27:01 EDT 2014

Spanish people (Spain) use kitchen ingredients to speak about things 
they are too indoctrinated to speak of
'Si tienen huevos' should be translated as 'If you have the balls'
It's like 'Ese tipo tiene un /chorizo/ bastante grande', it's not about 
a saucage here

With love and no offense

On 25/08/2014 5:33, Kim Sumner wrote:
> Using that interpretation it isn't even humorous (or makes any sense).
> La esposa de un programador le dice:
> ³Vaya por favor al almacén y coja una barra de pan. Si tienen huevos,
> consiga docena.²
> How "brave" do you need to be to buy bread in Espanola???
> (Ah language - without these peculiar colloquialisms we might actually
> understand each othe - and what'd be the fun in THAT?)

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