Gary Giumarra ggiumarra at
Mon Aug 25 09:36:16 EDT 2014

An apparently new sys(227) variable appeared in Studio 6 (at least it was new to me and I didn't see it listed when I went back and looked in my documentation for Studio 5.1). Does anyone out there know definitively whether one can rely on sys(227) having a unique value for all of the computers using a Studio application (which could be Macs, Windows PC, or a combination of the two)? Less importantly, is it always the same length (39 characters on both the PC and Mac I tested it on)? 

Studio Help states only that sys(227) "Returns the hardware ID of the system on which Omnis is running.  A character string."  That suggests it does do something like what I expect it to do, but lacks the magic word "unique".

Interestingly enough, I just checked the Omnis Function Reference PDF and for sys(227) it states only: "Returns the hardware ID required for manual deactivation" which, in addition to being somewhat unhelpful, left me wondering why I would want to deactivate my manual.
Gary Giumarra

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