Converting VCS from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Henk Noppe henk at
Mon Aug 25 03:05:47 EDT 2014

Hejhej dear people,

Due to some connectivity problems we want to switch the VCS from MySQL to PostgreSQL. The problem we have is that the connection is cut off after a periode of time of inactivity or when you working in method windows for a certain amount of time. In the past we have received a MySQL ping library which should solve this problem, but this has never solved completely. Now we use the scheduled build function of the VCS this problem has become annoying, because our testers and the automated tests are relying on this.

On the internet I saw some scripts to convert a MySQL database to PostgreSQL, but I am not sure how reliable that is. Are there other possibilities. Does any of you have experience with switching from MySQL to PostgreSQL?

With kind regards,
Henk Noppe
OmniHis BV
E-mail: h.noppe at

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