NO: Programmer Humour (Spanish translation)

Kim Sumner tech at
Sun Aug 24 20:03:22 EDT 2014

Using that interpretation it isn't even humorous (or makes any sense).

La esposa de un programador le dice:
³Vaya por favor al almacén y coja una barra de pan. Si tienen huevos,
consiga docena.²

How "brave" do you need to be to buy bread in Espanola???

(Ah language - without these peculiar colloquialisms we might actually
understand each othe - and what'd be the fun in THAT?)

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> I got it as a simple "if they sell eggs and they have them currently
> available in store"
> but maybe :)
> Il 22/08/2014 8.20, Julio Llamas Diez ha scritto:
>> Hello All.
>> I¹m not sure what is the exact meaning in English language of the phrase
>> ³if they have eggsŠ² but they have in Spanish some different meanings into
>> this phrase. One of this is:
>> Go to the store to buy a loaf of bread, and "if you have courage" brings
>> a dozen.
>> In some context, if You say in Spanish: "have eggs" is synonymous with
>> "have value" or "have courage².
>> Then: Perhaps the Programmer is Spanish... or his wife.
>> Is the same in English ??
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