Postgres and case sensitivity

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hi Bas:

I think we must live a charmed life.....    

like you:
- the roots of our application are from .df1 days.
- most of our table names are mixed case.
- all of our field names are upper case (due to omnis 3+ days where they had to be upper case, so some field names are 30+ years old)
- we still have file classes
- all of our schema classes exactly match the names in the file classes.

we define all our lists from table classes using $definefromsqlclass().   

We never define a list from file class, nor use file class lists in windows -- only lists defined from sql class.

and the only issue I have ever found with case sensitivity is if we do a :

update table   returning field1,field2, field 3.

somehow, that list (not defined from sqlclass), may have trouble with copying fields.   In fact, the only issue we've found is in the 

do list.$assignrow(listb,ktrue) command ---   it doesn't like case insensitivity...... so we wrote our own and put it TMOBJS.....  which, by now, I hope everybody has or is using.

;  Inherited from .TMObjs.TMObj
;  $assignRow(&ToList, &FromList, ByName) merges the contents of the current line in the FromList(or row) with the current line in the ToList (or row)

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On Aug 22, 2014, at 10:00 AM, omnisdev-en-request at wrote:

> There is one exception to this rule which has frustrated me intently.
> Dealing with a legacy product coming from DF1 days many of our older
> table names and column names are mixed case.
> By doing something very similar to what you described here we also have
> all our table names and column names in the database lowercase and by
> never using quotes around table names and column names we don't have to
> worry about case issues in any generated queries as postgres will
> convert them to lowercase automatically and our queries work fine.

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