Postgres and case sensitivity

Reg Paling reg.paling at
Thu Aug 21 21:45:59 EDT 2014

Hi Bas,

>I wish column names in lists were always case insensitive, would save me
>a bunch of headaches :)

Hear, hear!  I guess that fix might risk breaking someone's code so it 
would have to be subject to a library preference, but as it stands, it 
breaks code and probably 100 times more often.  For me it happens with 
typos and the problem is, it fails silently.

(Tongue-in-cheek, anyone who wrote code this fix would break probably 
deserves it!)


On 22/08/2014 11:14 am, Bastiaan Olij wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> On 22/08/14 8:46 AM, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
>> and I have to say, we don't worry about case sensitivity at all within omnis --- ......      I think this is what you want.
> There is one exception to this rule which has frustrated me intently.
> Dealing with a legacy product coming from DF1 days many of our older
> table names and column names are mixed case.
> By doing something very similar to what you described here we also have
> all our table names and column names in the database lowercase and by
> never using quotes around table names and column names we don't have to
> worry about case issues in any generated queries as postgres will
> convert them to lowercase automatically and our queries work fine.
> Our code stems from native datafile days. Lists defined from file
> classes are case insensitive. Say my column name is ILoveMixedCase,
> Omnis has no problem with the following code:
> OK message {[ivMyList.ILOVEMIXEDCASE]}
> Until that is, you rewrite your code and define ivMyList using your new
> tableclass and schema class as *only* columns defined from file classes
> are case insensative (and I think even only if your library preferences
> are set as such). Columns added to a list using $cols.$add or defined
> through a schema class *are* case sensitive.
> The number of times I've had (legacy) code break in unexpected places
> because it was originally developed against file classes, or where I've
> simply typed in the case wrong because I'm dealing with one of the older
> tables in the database that mix case, without Omnis giving even as much
> as a peep that I'm accessing a column that does not exist...
> I wish column names in lists were always case insensitive, would save me
> a bunch of headaches :)
> Cheers,
> Bas
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