Postgres and case sensitivity

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Thu Aug 21 18:46:42 EDT 2014

this comes up once in a while on the list --- and yes, postgres is case sensitive  but its never been a problem for us -- and omnis hasn't given grief.

all our table names and variable names in the database are created in lower case

all our variables and table names in omnis are all over the place as far as case sensitive goes.    For example, schema names in studio might look like   'fThisIsA_table'        in postgres, is is saved as  'fthisisa_table'.

in the $construct of the dam, we have set the following parameters on the dam:

Calculate $cinst.$emptydateisnull as kTrue
Calculate $cinst.$transactionmode as kSessionTranAutomatic
Calculate $cinst.$serializable as kFalse
Calculate $cinst.$readonly as kFalse
Calculate $cinst.$numericprecision as 17
Calculate $cinst.$sqlstripspaces as kFalse
Calculate $cinst.$sqlthousandseparator as ','     
Calculate $cinst.$sqldecimalseparator as '.'     
Calculate $cinst.$quotedidentifier as kFalse     ;; V92404 Studio 6 does it differently

and I have to say, we don't worry about case sensitivity at all within omnis --- ......      I think this is what you want.

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> What is with Postgres and case sensitivity and how do you deal with it?

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