Postgres and case sensitivity

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I am a newbie here but I do have a bit of experience with Postgres. It is far better to not use the quotes and just go all lower case than it is to deal with quoting every table in the database. 

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> What is with Postgres and case sensitivity and how do you deal with it?
> I’m adding a Postgres connection option to my application which already supports SQL Server, MySQL, and OmnisSQL using a lot of common code in my Table Classes and DAM objects.  I’ve already noticed that when I create tables in MySQL, often (but not every time) it converts table names into lower case.  Such as a “fCustomers" becomes “fcustomers”.  Interestingly, column names remain in the form “FirstName” and “LastName”.  But what is great is that executing commands using $select, $insert, $update and the like work anyway.  It’s just like the Omnis SQL Browser where it is case-insensitive when I enter queries.
> But Postgres is particular.  I have real problems with $createnames, and creating indexes.  I’m finding it really vexing to come up with a simple solution to making my existing code work.  I don’t want to have to fork every command with “if damname = ‘PGSQLDAM’ all over the place.
> Is there some kind of a mode switch on Postgres to make it be case insensitive?
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