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Hi Mike,

There is a modify report  external object available in the Studio component store. If you place this in a window, assign the $classname of the modify report object to your report, you can do the following:

Calculate lClassName as MYLIB.rMyReport
Do $cinst.$objs.dummy.$classname.$assign(lClassName)
Do $cinst.$objs.dummy.$pagesetup()

where $cinst.$objs.dummy is the reference to the modify report object in your window.

This will open a page setup dialog for your specified report. If you press OK/YES in the dialog, the associated report will be updated and the page setup chosen will be stored in the report.

Michael's method is just as valid. The above method however allows you to actually view the report you want to assign the page setup to. Beware: all changes made in the modify report object change the live class immediately, even deleting fields in the report.



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Hi all

As I understand things for Studio 4.3.2 on OSX 10.6.8 if I do:

Set report name [myreport]
Load page setup

all future reports (in the absence of further intervention) will use that page setup.

But how do I transfer a page setup INTO a report:

Set report name [myreport]

Prompt for page setup
If Flag True ;; the page setup is whatever the user chose here.

Now I want to store THAT in [myreport] so I can re-use it later.

Should this work?  Doesn't appear to.

Thanks for any ideas.

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