OSX Installer

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Wed Aug 20 00:48:34 EDT 2014

Hi Bas,

I think what Bo is referring to is the change in v2 code signing where it requires every bit of code to be signed, and then you ask, what constitutes a bit of code, and that document


 has a "Table 3  Standard locations for code inside a bundle".  One location is of course Contents/MacOS.  But then the next paragraph says:

"These places are expected to contain only code. Putting arbitrary data files there will cause them to be rejected (since they're unsigned). Conversely, putting code into other places will cause it to be sealed as data (resource) files, causing trouble during updates. Always put code and data into their proper places."

That could be read to mean that Serial.txt living in the MacOS folder is now a No-No for signable code.  And overall, it's maybe going to mean that all external and xcomp packages, the ChartDirector and other frameworks, OmnisPDE.bundle, etc. will also need to be individually signed.  It's a little beyond what firstruninstall fixes - that was good for their v1 code signing scheme but it looks like v2 will require further changes to the traditional Omnis.app package layout.


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