OSX Installer

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Mon Aug 18 21:10:58 EDT 2014

Hey David,

I'm doing so for windows running it in virtual box as a VM. Works well.
I've not had the time to play around getting a virtual Mac environment
running, that may be the way I'll go in the end..



On 19/08/14 10:35 AM, David McKeone wrote:
> Bas:  As of 10.6 Server and 10.7 you can run a VM of Mac OS X on a Mac.  It’s really great for keeping the older version around.  I run a 10.6 Server VM so that we can continue supporting older OSes with our externals.  That might be a better option if you need to support older clients,  especially since 10.10 is right around the corner as well.

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