OSX Installer

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Mon Aug 18 20:01:13 EDT 2014

Hi Bo,

And how would it tell such a file apart from any other file??

I think this may be more a question about the contents of the app
needing to be immutable after installation so the code signing stays
valid after installation. As Omnis has a habit of changing certain files
that would pose a problem however it already provides the solution by
using "firstruninstall". The issue is non too different from Windows
where this has been a requirement since Vista as well as on iOS.

If this is indeed true that does potentially pose an issue for us as we
do not build complete installers for updating an app but just replace
files that have changed. So far codesigning the updater was enough for
gatekeeper but I wonder how it will react further.

Time will tell, I need to get a machine up and running on 10.9, I've
been keeping my machine on 10.8 because as soon as I go up I loose the
ability to support older clients.



On 18/08/14 6:29 PM, Bo Carleö wrote:
> Hi Bas
> No - as I understand it Gatekeeper v2 doesn´t accept data in an installation package
> and there are lots of it in an Omnis installation, eg omnispic.df1, serial.txt
> Bo 

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