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Hello Andy,

Yes, you found the right data to change.  There are a few more places to change and really finish the job, and all of these will be explained and shown at EurOmnis 2014 this year, which will be held in Holland. for full details.



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On 17 Aug 2014, at 17:01, Andy Hilton <andyh at> wrote:

> Found it ! You need to edit the info list strings in the english.lproj Resources…..hurrah !
> On Aug 17, 2014, at 11:57 AM, Andy Hilton <andyh at> wrote:
>> After all these years I am finally making up a proper OSX installer for my app…..
>> Previously I have simply distributed them by creating a client specific runtime (so including their specific startup settings / licence details etc) and zipping up the file and copying it on to their network…..
>> However I am attempting to make a fully customized version of the runtime (in $5.2.3) now - including firstruninstall and all that jazz….
>> Thanks to Kelly’s page ‘BundleAndCustomize’ I have 99% of everything working great - *except* my runtime still shows the app name (next to the Apple menu) as Omnis (fine in the Dock name etc - just not in the main menu)
>> Pretty much everything else is now showing customized as ‘TBS’ but just not this one string - prob the most important one !!!
>> Can anyone point me to the piece that needs changing to get that particular string to show as 'my app name' not as Omnis ?
>> Many thanks
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