AW: Strip Java out of Omnis RT

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Wed Aug 13 10:41:45 EDT 2014

Hi Mike

You can build a lot of your business-logic in Java and call those classes in Omnis. When you create a variable from the type Object or Object Ref you can see that you can choose Java classes as subtypes. We have experimented with this approach a little bit. It would work, but there are some downsides. That’s what besides the SOAP web service implementation can be done with Java as far as I'm aware of.

Brian S.

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Hello All,

A holiday question today, as Will and I have been following this thread.  Have I missed why the RT even has the Java comps loaded?  I know it can be used a java server, but wouldn't you use the correct server version for that purpose?

And then, what else can you mostly do away with in the RT?  I seem to remember someone went a long way to lighten the load of their RT client a few years back.



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