O$5.2 - Omnis Web Services - debugging

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at logicaldevelopments.com.au
Tue Aug 12 19:10:15 EDT 2014

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your message.  Good luck with your upgrade - I hope it goes smoothly!

I'll check out the trace log - might be more details there.

When we were doing the initial development, the other developers who wrote the web services we connect to changed their API calls a few times, so we've re-run the web services wizard a few times.  I think we're up to version 4.  We had similar issues where the old one worked but the new one didn't.  At the time I just put it down to a caching problem - we often deleted the java cache file and restarted Omnis, and then it would come good.


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> Hi Paul,
> Sorry for the garbled message… the list parser has a habit of mangling messages I send from my ISP’s web-based mail client :-/  Here’s the “clean” text:
> =====
> My team is just preparing to launch a big upgrade to our in-house application where we'll be
> dependent on the Omnis web-services client to run remote procedures. We're still learning
> the ins- and outs; we're using O$6.0.2
>> If Java fails to initialise inside Omnis, does it get logged anywhere? If so, can anyone tell me where?
> Yes, at least in the dev environment, you can open the trace log after Omnis opens. Not sure
> what the failure message is, but if all initialized properly you should see a message that
> "The Java Virtual Machine was created successfully.”
> =====
> Coincidentally, we started experiencing symptoms similar to what you wrote about. We just added a new web-service object based on a different WSDL. It worked great during the session in which that object was created, but now we can’t get it to run from within Omnis a day later… the call to the service returns an error code of -1. The older web service object still performs fine. Strange, indeed…
> -brian o’sullivan;  bear, delaware

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