omnisdev-en Digest, Vol 76, Issue 10

Brian O'Sullivan brian.os at
Mon Aug 11 20:14:55 EDT 2014

Hi Paul,
Sorry for the garbled message… the list parser has a habit of mangling messages I send from my ISP’s web-based mail client :-/  Here’s the “clean” text:

My team is just preparing to launch a big upgrade to our in-house application where we'll be
dependent on the Omnis web-services client to run remote procedures. We're still learning
the ins- and outs; we're using O$6.0.2

>If Java fails to initialise inside Omnis, does it get logged anywhere? If so, can anyone tell me where?
Yes, at least in the dev environment, you can open the trace log after Omnis opens. Not sure
what the failure message is, but if all initialized properly you should see a message that
"The Java Virtual Machine was created successfully.”

Coincidentally, we started experiencing symptoms similar to what you wrote about. We just added a new web-service object based on a different WSDL. It worked great during the session in which that object was created, but now we can’t get it to run from within Omnis a day later… the call to the service returns an error code of -1. The older web service object still performs fine. Strange, indeed…

-brian o’sullivan;  bear, delaware

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