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Mon Aug 11 13:50:15 EDT 2014

Me too !! This sounds like a great tool for getting my ‘browser doubter’ users to use the browser without realising it :)

Excellent…..many many thanks Florian and David….


On Aug 11, 2014, at 1:38 PM, Jim Pistrang <jim at> wrote:

> Hi David,
> I (for one) am VERY excited by this, so thanks for working on it.  A few questions:
> 1) Will everything that you are working on function with Studio 6 as well?  (I assume so but still want to check)
> 2) Any chance that you or someone else can do a session on this at EurOmnis?
> Jim
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Big thanks again to Florian Binder and DataX for getting the ball
>> rolling on the modern HTML5-compliant browser component.
>> I'm extremely excited about this, and I know that others must be as
>> well, so I thought I'd do my work to convert over to Studio 5 out in the
>> open, and post regular Work in Progress (WIP) builds to our website so
>> that everyone can follow along.  I will definitely submit all of these
>> changes back to the main project, but I'm not ready to do that just yet,
>> since the main project will need to be both Studio 4 and 5 out of the
>> box -- and some of my changes to the project have broken Studio 4
>> compatibility.
>> If you aren't excited about this, then take a look at some of these
>> HTML5/JS graphing libraries and imagine that they could be in your apps:
>> -
>> -
>> It also supports WebGL (, video (e.g.
>> YouTube), and all the usual HTML5 goodies (  Of
>> course to use a lot of this stuff you'll have to become more familiar
>> with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but that's just how it goes these days
>> ("Any application that can be written in Javascript, will eventually be
>> written in Javascript":
>> least-power.
>> If there are any questions, it's a probably good idea to keep things
>> open and ask them on this list so that everyone can benefit.
>> Link:
>>  (Binary xcomps for Studio 5+ on Windows)
>> NOTE: awesomium.dll and some other dlls and files in the directory come
>> from the Awesomium project (, and were placed
>> in their appropriate directories based on instructions from https://
>>  I'm putting them here for your
>> convenience (and I hope it all works without the installer), but in the
>> long run you will probably also want to download the installer for
>> Awesomium and check the distribution requirements and costs.  This
>> preview shouldn't be misconstrued as a distribution of any kind from
>> Artsman, it's merely an early alpha look at the work I'm doing
>> personally, and I'm using the Artsman server to host some of my open
>> source work because the file is too big too email directly.
>> Differences between this project directory and Florian's github version:
>> - Addition of "isunicode", "UNICODE", and "_UNICODE" pre-processor flags
>> for building Studio 5+
>> - Added /Zc:wchar_t- build setting (Treat wchar_t as built-in type: No --
>> Studio 5 externals always need this AFAIK)
>> - Added /Zc:forScope- build setting (Force Conformance In For Loop
>> Scope: No -- Studio 5 externals always need this AFAIK)
>> - Copied some functions from my OmnisTools helpers (
>> dmckeone/NVObjTemplate) to assist with string handling
>> - Consolidation of some string handling to make it easier to have a
>> single non-unicode/unicode code base.
>> - Change "logToTrace" to use regular C-strings instead of the Omnis
>> str255 type, and convert C-Strings to str255 only when calling
>> ECOaddTraceLine (easier Studio 4/5+ compatibility)
>> - Add 'object->shutDownWebView()' on line 475 of weblib.cpp to prevent a
>> crash when closing the browser window on Studio 5.
>> - (Personal Preference) Change 'Output Directory' for Debug builds to: C:
>> \TigerLogic\OS523\xcomp  (which is where my current Omnis Studio 5 copy
>> is installed) -- Allows me to just push the "Play" button in Visual
>> Studio to start debugging.  If you are going to do your own builds,
>> you'll likely need to change this setting.
>> If you want to install this on your own machine and test it in Omnis
>> Studio 5+ (even if you don't have Visual Studio), I've included binary
>> xcomps in the package.  To install the xcomps:
>> 1) Download the project zip file:
>> 2) Extract the zip file toa  directory.  E.g. C:\omnis-weblib
>> 3) Open "deploy" folder.  E.g. C:\omnis-weblib\deploy
>> 4) Install DLLs in your Omnis directory
>>  a) Copy "awesomium.dll" from "next_to_omnis_exe" folder to be next to
>> "omnis.exe" in the top-level Omnis Studio directory
>>  b) Copy "weblib.dll" from "to_xcomp" folder to be in the Omnis Studio
>> "xcomp" folder (one level deep from the top-level Omnis Studio directory)
>> 5) Open (but do not move!) the library "demo5.lbs" in the "lbs" folder.
>> E.g. C:\omnis-weblib\lbs\demo5.lbs
>> If you want to move the library to a different directory (or use the
>> external in your own application) then you also need to move  the
>> 'deploy' directory, and you need to change the code in Startup_Task.
>> $construct to point to the new location.
>> Good luck!
>> -David McKeone
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