OS 6.0 Sleep and spinning wheel with Postgresql

ADJob mats at adjob.se
Mon Aug 11 08:51:35 EDT 2014

Hi $all,

Using Studio 6.0.2 and Postgresql 9.1. And have about the same problem as with ODB. When the computer goes to sleep a ”spinning wheel” appear.

Note that the session is still alive so I get no error:

If pgsql.$state<>kSessionStateLoggedOn
	OK message  {logoff}
	Do login.$start
End If

Note that I can TCPPing the server and this connection is alive. Though a ”spinning wheel” appear.

But I cannot interact with Postgresql. What is happening and how can I trap this ”broken connection” and reconnect?

Any clue appreciated.

Mats Olsson, ADJob Nordic AB, Sweden

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