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brian.os at verizon.net brian.os at verizon.net
Mon Aug 11 07:26:21 EDT 2014

   Hi Paul,

   My  team  is  just preparing to launch a big upgrade to o= ur in-house
   application where we'll be

   dependent on the Omnis web= -services client to run remote procedures. We're
   still learning

   t= he ins- and outs; we're using O$6.0.2

   >If Java fails to initialise inside Omnis, doe= s it get logged anywhere? If
   so, can anyone tell me where?

   Yes, at least in the dev environment, you can open the tr= ace log after
   Omnis opens. Not sure

   what the failure message is, = but if all initialized properly you should
   see a message that

   &qu= ot;The Java Virtual Machine was created successfully."

    = ;

   brian o'sullivan; bear, DE

    <= /div>
   On 08/11/14, Paul Mulroney<pmulroney at logicaldevelopments.com.au> wrote:

   Hi $All,
   Has anyone used Omnis Web Services as a client?= Have you had any problems
   with it?
   We're using a Web Service t= o queue courier jobs, and it seems to run fine
   for a while, and then sudden= ly the object class that was created with the
   Web Services wizard doesn't s= eem to initialise properly, and all the calls
   to the web service return an = empty list.
   Our client has recently switched to a server setup, = and all the users are
   running on the server with multiple copies of Omnis. = It seems that once it
   starts failing, it fails for all instances of Omnis.   I figured out how to enable java logging by creating a "lo= g4j.properties"
   file, and putting it in the right place and restarting= Omnis. However, it
   doesn't seem to log any crashes or failures to initial= ise - it only seems
   to  log data when the thing is actually working, and not= hing when it
   doesn't! As you can imagine, that's not very helpful.
   If Java fails to initialise inside Omnis, does it get logged anywhere? = If
   so, can anyone tell me where?
   Setup is Windows Server 2008R2 = standard (64 bit), SP1. Java 7 update 67
   (32 bit version). Studio 5.2.2.
   All advice gratefully received!
   "Debugging  is twice as hard as writing the c= ode in the first place.
   Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as pos= sible, you are, by
   definition, not smart enough to debug it." Brian W= . Kernighan
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