Omnis Data Bridge Error

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David - 
My not helpful answer but one to lighten your weekend - even if it is
benign, there is still reason for concern ;-)

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|Hi All,
|I have at the Omnis Data Bridge installed on a Mavericks client computer
|I'm accessing it across the network from a Mountain Lion client computer.
|Everything seems to work fine (Omnis Studio 5.3.2.).  I can connect to the
|database on the host and read and write data.  However, I noticed that each
|time the client connects an error is generated in messages.txt on the host
|"Omnis Data Bridge Error: Specified byte/byte range lock was not found" and
|gives the IP address of the machine contacting the bridge, i.e. the
|Lion client machine.
|The ODB documentation states:
|Specified byte/byte range lock was not found
|An attempt to free a lock on the datafile could not be completed. This
|be because the
|lock does not exist or the datafile is invalid.
|The datafile is valid, I'm connecting to it just fine.  What does this
mean, and is
|it benign or is there reason for concern?
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