Studio 6.1 method lines increased to 256K

Gavin Foster omnislist at
Fri Aug 8 08:29:07 EDT 2014

From 256K lines to a full critique of Omnis in just a few emails! So let’s throw a comment out there and see what comes back this Friday afternoon.

I see Omnis a bit like Java. It’s a runtime engine and you give it instructions, sometimes as a fat client, sometimes on a server.

Given that it’s a great fat client application tool, it’s nice for us to be able to develop web applications too without having to learn a whole new language and environment.  That said, I do worry that sitting the Omnis application on a web server does appear to be upwardly unscalable. There must be a practical limit to the number of users one instance of the O$ executable can support simultaneously. And there is always the fear that a crash or over-stressing one remote connection (loading too much data into a list) might kill the entire user base (with a single executable serving multiple client connections, all your eggs are in one basket).

So what kind of load balancing is available/should be available? How can we launch Omnis.exe 4 times on one server, 4 times on another server, etc, and create a network of nodes serving a global user base, with resiliency if any of those nodes is lost?

Answers on a postcard / in an email / in a Euromnis session please.


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