Studio 6.1 method lines increased to 256K

Geir Fjærli omnis at
Fri Aug 8 06:12:35 EDT 2014

Those who remember will have noticed that there was indeed such a beast planned: Back when Studio was still code named Prometheus, the Powerpoint slides had three other technologies on them, including a SQL database engine code named Athena. I guess most of us are glad they didn’t waste their limited resources on that idea…

Extra points to those who can still name and explain the other two technologies.

Oh and I used to agree with you Marten. The obvious problem with Studio was that at its core it was still Omnis, with all its implications. And not only the core: One of my main suggestions back then were that they simply turn off all the «classic» elements by default for new applications. I realized they were needed( were they?) for the sake of converted applications, but no need to lure new users into basing their apps on the CRB and other dated structures.

Which opens for another question: How many out there actually ended up with converted Omnis 7 applications after all? My suspicion is that eventually many rewrote their apps and scrapped the old code, not to mention all those who tried going Studio and failed, and who are still on Omnis 7, or long gone…

I agree that Studio - in hindsight - should have been written with an effective server in mind. But I am not sure many asked for that in 1996. Which leaves the third question: Is Studio itself now outdated and ready for retirement? (With ample support time for exists apps.) Should TL create a new beast, and if so, what should it be? 

Geir :)

8. aug. 2014 kl. 11:26 skrev Marten Verhoeven <m.verhoeven at>:

> so the move to SQL was required (or they would need to build their own database engine).

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