Omnis server crash

Marten Verhoeven m.verhoeven at
Fri Aug 8 06:04:12 EDT 2014

Hi All,

My last mail reminded me of a crash situation with the Omnis server we were able to fix. We reported the problem to TL but I mention it here because it could help others as well.

We had several crashes a day with the Omnis server (ultra thin, not heavily used). We were finally able to pin down the problem. In our master table class we use for all database access, there were two instance variables defined of type list with a table class as the subtype. In theory these lists should only be constructed on first use, but with the trace to file we saw those lists were constructed AFTER the remote task was destructed (when these lists where not used at all). This obviously should not happen and after we removed the subtype the crashing stopped.

Hope this helps somebody.

With kind regards,

Marten Verhoeven

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