Studio 6.1 method lines increased to 256K

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at
Thu Aug 7 09:26:33 EDT 2014

Hi Marten,

Owh I'm not underestimating the things they did add into 5, though you
name a few that I believe were already available in 4. But they aren't
substantial enough improvements to warrant the version change. The focus
has clearly been on the javascript client for the last two versions,
that is were the major work and improvements have been made.

Whether that was a smart choice, I don't know. There are some really
good products out there for building web applications and more and more
are added to the list every day some of which have a feature set Omnis
pales by. Many of these, especially the open source ones, have legions
of developers tinkering away at them at a rate TL can never hope to keep
up with. I've recently been playing around with Ruby on Rails and been
very impressed with how fast we can put things together, others on the
list here have been very successful moving to Django. I've just started
playing around with jQT which is a Javascript library for building
mobile apps that have a look and feel close to what you would expect on
a smartphone.

The 64bit and Cocoa upgrade, I do not envy TL here. I'm probably
underestimating both the workload and the benefit of making Studio 64bit
but the move to Cocoa is substantial I'm certain and one which after all
the work is done, only shows most improvements under the surface. I do
hope they take the opportunity when doing so to introduce a bunch of new

We can only wait and see, maybe they will pull something nice out of
their hats at EurOmnis. I do hope so because like you, I love this
product deeply, even with it lagging behind other tools and seemly
needing a little TLC that its been short of in the last few years. Omnis
still has a few strong points that I have not found in any other
development tool, the strongest of which allowing me to build
application far faster then I've been able to do in any other environment. 

Enough ranting :)



On 7/08/14 9:08 PM, Marten Verhoeven wrote:
> Hi Bastiaan,
> We had enough reasons to go to Studio 5 and 6 as there were lots of useful small improvements. Dragging to reorder headed list columns, Unicode support, more method lines, content tips, vertical center text (in fields), performance analysis, better localization, maximum of 400 list columns removed, $norefresh and Worker DAMs. This last one is absolutely the best new feature in at least five years. It enabled me to build a completely different user interaction and I really hope they provide more of those worker objects. 

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