Studio 6.1 method lines increased to 256K

Geir Fjærli omnis at
Wed Aug 6 06:48:38 EDT 2014

So I see that TL again has catered for those who want their whole app in a single method. Now I believe I posted the same when they increased it from 100 lines also, so I may be overly spartan…

Reminds me of the poor girl who around 1990 had been commisioned to create an app in Omnis 5 or 7.1. She knew absolutely nothing about how it worked, but she discovered that when she opened the first window (which she did manually) it triggered an event. So she ran the entire app from that event procedure. Needless to say, she had problems, and was not too happy of the prospect of rewriting everything.

I have done a bit of Omnis 7 work the last years, and have occasionally hit the 100 line limit when updating other people’s code. But I don’t think I have gotten there in my own. A procedure call is not carrying a large penalty on modern hardware.

Now I realize that there are other things beside Omnis code you might want to put in a method these days. But still…?

Some may say I have retired for a reason, of course. «Keep up with the times or else…» ;)

Geir :)

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