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Hello Daniel,

Your final comment is probably the best one today.  I can't stress enough the payback on anybodies time when you attend a EurOmnis training.  You will get ahead by about 2-3 months simply by having people around you to help you immediately whenever you get stuck and show you advanced ways of just doing stuff.  The training sessions will give you insights far beyond your first thoughts when you are coming to Studio & SQL from earlier versions.

And yes, you are right, it is great fun.

So register no for EurOmnis at and you will be hooked.  There are some important announcements coming soon for the 2014 event as well, so keep a good look out.



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On 3 Aug 2014, at 13:35, Daniel Sananes <danielsananes at> wrote:

> Ok,
> Been able to connect to Postgres now thanks to Mike and Ben.
> In postgres I have created a table with 2 fields.
> The tree-structure in pgAdmin however is a bit strange as I have to create the table under the Schemas-node.
> So I have a SchemaFirst under the Schema-node, and under the SchemaFirst-node comes Tables.
> Under tables I have created a TableFirst.
> Why is it like this? Is it pgAdmin that does not reflect the correct "pathway".
> In Studio I dragged the TableFirst (which showed up nicely corresponding to the one in postgres) and dropped it on my Studio-library. And a schema in Studio was created. This Studio schema is linked to the postgres table or view as: SchemaFirst.TableFirst.
> Still I do not understand this postgres structure. Is this correct, looks very strange to me.
> I can in postgres create several schemas and several tables under each schema. Why is it so?
> Looked at the EurOmnis webpage. I may well participate this year. We'll see.
> thanks everybody
> Daniel
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> Start with as the host. It is a tcp socket connection not a 'file' connection.
> Use your pgadmin account for initial test, then sort you user permission for specific db access once you have that working.
> Ultimately you will need to have postgresd listening on an ip rather than just loopback address.
> Ben
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