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Start with as the host. It is a tcp socket connection not a 'file' connection.

Use your pgadmin account for initial test, then sort you user permission for specific db access once you have that working.

Ultimately you will need to have postgresd listening on an ip rather than just loopback address.


On 3 August 2014 01:22:59 BST, Daniel Sananes <danielsananes at> wrote:
>Thanks Bastiaan, Bob and Mats.
>Now the question:
>Have modified a copy of the POSTGRES-session object in the SQL Browser
>am trying to connect to postgres.
>But I do not get any connection. What am I supposed to put in the
>Host Name and Database.
>When using the SQLite session with the inbuilt welcome/tutorial I had
>to put
>the pathway to a *.db file.
>There is a select database to the right of the Host Name for SQLite but
>for postgres.
>Data access module is PGSQLDAM.
>>From PGAdmin I have created a database called DanielFirst and a
>PGadmin says it is connected.
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>Från: Bob Fiering
>Hi Daniel,
>When you open your server in pgAdmin you see "Databases"
>There is probably already a postgres database underneath this.
>Here you can create your database.
>When you open this database you will see Catalogs,Event Triggers etc.
>There is also  "Schemas" where, when you click on it see "Public" with
>underneath that option your "Tables".
>Here can you create you schema classes.
>If you already have a DML based application with Fileclasses you create
>schema's from this Fileclasses on an easier way.
>Make a connection from within Omnis with your PostgreSQL database and
>connect to you DF1 also with the SQL Browser.
>Drag and drop your datafile on to the PostgreSQL database. It will
>the schema's for you in the SQL database.
>If you want several PostgreSQL instances on one machine you have to
>on PostgreSQL Cluster.
>But i suggest you do it one step at the time. First get your database
>Good luck,
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