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> I am starting to use Postgresql with studio and there are things I do not
> understand.
> I open pgAdmin and read the help a bit but I get confused immediately.
> In the tree-structure there is a Server Groups and 1 Servers beneath and
> then a Postgresql 9.3(localhost:5432).
> If I doubleclick on Postgresql a window appear where I am supposed to enter
> password, which I do (remembering I entered this when installing
> Postgresql).
> Now Databases(1), Tablespaces, Group Roles and Login Roles appear.
> Under Databases(1)-tree is postgres, if I click on postgres Catalogs, Event
> Triggers, Extensions, Schemas and Slony Replication shows in the tree.
> Right-Clicking on postgres from this tree gives a menu with New Object - New
> database.
> If I click on New database, is this the database where I put my
> "fileformats", or as I think my Tables/Schemas?
> There is also under Databases(1) when right-clicking the menu-choice New
> Database.
> Which one is my database?

You have to create a database (datafile) first and fill it with tables etc

> Also, Servers ? Can I have several servers? Right-clicking here reveals
> nothing.
> So how is it, Omnis Studio connects to Postgresql what? The server i
> suppose? But if I have several databases do I connect to this one server who
> takes care of all databases I have created.

Omnis connects to the server and you create and open a database on the Postgresql server.

Do not bother using PGAdmin until you really need it. It is a just another tool.

Most stuff can be done from within Omnis using SQL commands. Try to ask more specific because the subject is that big (IMHO).

Learning SQL i fun but a real challenge. You can do more stuff safer and faster than with the native data file. I found this resources valuable: (like this list but bigger) (search this list)


Mats Olsson, ADJob Nordic AB, Sweden

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