Daniel Sananes danielsananes at
Sat Aug 2 09:36:05 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I am starting to use Postgresql with studio and there are things I do not
I open pgAdmin and read the help a bit but I get confused immediately.
In the tree-structure there is a Server Groups and 1 Servers beneath and
then a Postgresql 9.3(localhost:5432).
If I doubleclick on Postgresql a window appear where I am supposed to enter
password, which I do (remembering I entered this when installing
Now Databases(1), Tablespaces, Group Roles and Login Roles appear.
Under Databases(1)-tree is postgres, if I click on postgres Catalogs, Event
Triggers, Extensions, Schemas and Slony Replication shows in the tree.

Right-Clicking on postgres from this tree gives a menu with New Object - New
If I click on New database, is this the database where I put my
"fileformats", or as I think my Tables/Schemas?

There is also under Databases(1) when right-clicking the menu-choice New
Which one is my database?

Also, Servers ? Can I have several servers? Right-clicking here reveals

So how is it, Omnis Studio connects to Postgresql what? The server i
suppose? But if I have several databases do I connect to this one server who
takes care of all databases I have created.

What is tablespace?

Sorry about my stupidity. But I find this Studio and Postgresql exremely
challenging and fun.


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