Drag border paged pane event

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Sun Mar 31 19:20:08 EDT 2013


It's really cool, when you use the kEFposn on subwindows (or on any
other object for that matter) you can turn $dragborder to ktrue and
allow the user to resize things on the window.
The problem with this is that you:
A) don't get any events to notify you of this happening
B) you can't limit how small/big the user can make things which is
really annoying (we'll you can trick it to limit the minimum size but it
often has undesired results).



On 31/03/13 11:31 PM, Andy Hilton wrote:
> Ok got you - yes you are right - it is only the outside window I believe, hadn't thought of the concept of resizing subwindows inside a window !!!
> Andy

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