Drag border paged pane event

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Sat Mar 30 21:33:50 EDT 2013

Hey Andy,

I believe I do something similar but it only reacts to resizes of the
windows after which I can resize the subwindows. If you simply drag a
border to resize one of the subwindows there is no event to let you
react on this and adjust the positioning within this subwindow.

Unless something has changed in Studio 5 here?



On 29/03/13 11:06 PM, Andy Hilton wrote:
> Bas
> I use 'On evResized' for this purpose in my shell $event method which I then call my own $eventResize methods.....
> I have observers between my various subwindows so they can all send events between them and act accordingly.....
> Andy

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