Drag border paged pane event

H.P. Noppe henk at omnihis.nl
Fri Mar 29 06:38:56 EDT 2013

Hejhej y'all!

I was experimenting with the events of paged panes. And run up a problem I can not figure out. 

I have a window with two panes. One (lets call it: TaskPane) has a edge float kEFposRightToolbar. The other one (CalendarPane) has kEFposClient. This last one can contain several subwindows. The TaskPane has the option dragborder set to kTrue. The thing I want is that if I resize the Taskpane using the 'border' the sub windows are also resized according to the new width of the CalenderPane.

The problem is that I can not find an event who is triggered after the resizing of the TaskPane. Does anyone know which event I should use? Of course there are workarounds, but I could not find not one as beautiful as dragging the border of the Taskpane.

Thanks in advance of all your suggestions and a happy Easter!

Grtz Henk

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