Headed list column headings

Andrew Pavey andrew at spelean.com.au
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I've been working on this stuff lately.
Your headed list has a property $columnnames which is a comma 
delimited text string of the column names. eg 'colnam1,colname2' etc
so if irDispList is a reference to the headed list window object
this in the $construct of the window will substitute the column names 
in var myColNames
Calculate irDispList.$columnnames as myColNames

you can pass myColNames in as a parameter or calculate it 'on the 
fly' in $construct

At 8:36 PM +1100 24/3/13, Andrew McVeigh wrote:

>A simple one, how do I change the column headings on a headed list 
>to be the value of a field? Thought that [fieldname] would work but 
>it doesn't.
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