Installing Omnis 5.0.1 under Windows 7

Bob Fiering bob at
Fri Mar 22 06:25:05 EDT 2013

Hi Peter,

I am not sure about 5.01 but all later versions have the Java folder located in the (standard invisible) AppData folder which is in the User folder.
There you find in the local folder, a TigerLogic folder with the Java, local etc. folders.

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Op 22 mrt. 2013, om 10:13 heeft Peter van Rooij <petervanrooij29 at> het volgende geschreven:

Hello All

I am trying to install Omnis 5.0.1 to a Windows 7 computer.
I downloaded the right Setup.exe from (version 5.0.1), but after installing (and I tried several times), there is no Java-folder created in the root of the OmnisFolder; There is a java folder in de xcomp-folder, but I assume that is for javascript.
I need to install our own jar-file into the java-folder in the root.
When I copy the java-folder from a colleage who already has Omnis 5.0.1 installed on his windows 7 computer, things don't work (well that is not so surprising but one tries).
My Omnis does not seem to recognize this new , copied folder and deleting the cache1.dat file will not result in Omnis recaching the jars.

I have not installed Omnis in the programs-folder, but in a folder of my own choice.

Does anyone recognize this problem and is there a solution available?

Thanks in advance

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